How many vehicles can be parked at Sunset Harbor?

Parking is limited to the driveway in front of the house. You can probably fit 4 vehicles and/or trailers. Please do not block the driveway that loops around to the neighbors' homes. Please do not park extra cars or trailers on the dirt road above the home. All vehicles and trailers must fit on the gravel or under the carport in front of the house.

Where is the nearest boat launch?

The nearest public boat ramp is located 5 minutes away (by boat and car) near Pirate's Point. It is owned by Rough Water Docks (573-374-0470). There is a fee to launch your boat. You can then park your boats in the slips/lifts at our dock. 

When is Check In and Check Out? Can I check in early or check out late?

Generally, check in is at 4pm and check out is at 10am. You may be able to arrive at noon to access the dock, but will not have access to the home. Early check in/out may be available depending on bookings before or after your stay. If you would like to guarantee early check in or late check out, an additional fee will be assessed to hire additional cleaners, depending on avialablilty. 

What all is included on the dock?

There are 2 boat slips, 2 kayaks, 1 inflatable kayak, 2 stand up paddle boards, and life jackets for all sizes and ages. Additionally there is a water swim pad, table and chairs, tiki bar with fridge, and great fishing all around! There is Wi-Fi broadcast from the dock!

Do I have to clean up after myself?

Yes, a little. We have a reasonable check out list for guests to complete. Mostly just ensuring trash is taken out and dishes are washed (don't want bugs or animals to come in if there is not a check in immediately after), and locking up the dock. The rest of the stuff we will handle. 

How big are your boat slips? How do I operate them?

Hydrolift (6,600lb capacity) 32' x 14' Depth 24" To lower the lift: 1. Using the remote or the control panel on the deck, push the "down" button (the light will begin to flash) 2. Lift will lower. To raise the lift: 1. Using the remote or the control panel on the deck, push the "up" or "load" button 2. If the pump motor does not stop automatically, push the up or load button again once the water is bubbling. *You may use the remote control to raise and lower the lift*

Econolift (4,500lb capacity) 32' x 10' Depth To lower the lift: 1. Make sure the power switch is in the "off" position 2. Move the lever away from the HOLD position to point down. 3. You should hear the air hissing through the tubing. 4. Leave the lever and switch in these positions. To raise the lift: 1. Make sure the lever is pointing downward and away from "HOLD." 2. Turn the motor on. 3. Once the lift has reached the desired height or metal guards on the dock, move the lever to HOLD. 4. Quickly turn off the power switch.

You can view instructional videos below